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Praise for new CD, Time

“Best of 2009, Top 10 CDs”
Bob Young, Boston Herald, December, 2009

“Each song is unique and creative in performance, and the trio is superb….The performances sparkle with imagination! Each performer is top notch, and the solo work is admirable.” read more
Lee Prosser,, December, 2009

“….On the occasion when intellect and soul meet, music of exceptional beauty and exceedingly important value is made, and it is possible to simply shut the eyes and enjoy it. Such is the impact of the music of John Funkhouser and his trio on Time… Bassist Greg Loughman and percussionist Mike Connors are simply superb on this record….Both musicians are full participants in this memorable musical adventure with John Funkhouser.” read more
Raul d’Gama Rose,, December, 2009

“Like many of today's more "progressive" piano trios, the Funkhouser 3 blends many different styles into its repertoire, moving easily and, often, gracefully from richly melodic pieces to Latin flavored romps to more abstract moments to funky rumpshakers. This music is so well-played and enjoyable, this Time is of the essence.” read more
Richard Kamins, Hartford Courant, November, 2009

“Jazz pianist John Funkhouser seems like the kind of guy who took the name he was given and ran with it. On his playfully titled new trio cd, he plays with the tasteful incisiveness and groove of a bass player…maybe because he is one. As rhythmically challenging as much of this is, it’s also vividly catchy and tuneful. There should be more jazz like this.” read more
Lucid Culture, December, 2009

“…Positive and prophectic.…quiet yet persistent rhythmic counterpoint creating an artistry that is deep in its contemplative atmosphere. John plus group reveal musical moments of great power... Yet, the music contained therein has both a wistful and nostalgic mood with an undercurrent of remarkable and positive continuity which dominates throughout.” read more
George W. Carroll,, December, 2009

“When Funkhouser plays his own compositions, such as “Ellipse,” with multiple time signatures played by each player (and right and left hand), the math equation is solved with a built-in pinnacle of sound. Yes, it works more on a visceral than intellectual basis….The music comes off sounding audacious, yet very natural. Quite the triumph.” read more
Mike Corroto,, December, 2009

"There is nothing "cliché" about any of the pieces....the music takes twists & turns almost as complicated as one of my heroes, Frank Zappa.....There's a whole lot o' phunk goin' on here, especially in John's keyboard lines.  I give this a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) rating of 4.97 out of 5." read more
Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation, January, 2010

"More than just a gimmicky display, the Funkhouser Three improvises fluently over a shifting array of time signatures.....It might seem aridly mathematical on paper, but on disc it's loose and juicy, not the least bit formulaic.” read more
Owen McNally, Hartford Courant, March 2010

"Funkhouser has an interest and background in a wide range of musical styles form classical to world music to avant garde to funk and rock - and this sense of wonder and love of a kaleidoscope of musical styles really manifests itself on this admirable release." read more
Brad Walseth,, March 2010

“Pianist John Funkhouser, bassist Greg Loughman and drummer Mike Connors manage to do what many -- if not most -- piano trios cannot. They create an ensemble that is good to listen to." read more
Bob Karlovits, Pittsburgh Tribune, January, 2010

“Elegant trio set from pianist Funkhouser, with a mix of his own intelligent compositions and three standards. Ellipse is rhythmically experimental, Prelude & Fugue is loosely modeled on Bach, while Eleventy One is in 11/8 time with a reference to Tolkien, of course. Bass and drums both in fine form."
Simon Adams, Jazz Journal, UK, March, 2010

“He prides himself on making the most of odd meters but this sounds like a wonderful, low key straight ahead set with a lot of club feel in the classic piano trio mode. Simply a tasty set with lots of wonderful playing, it's right up your alley if you want to settle in with a set you can comfortably enjoy. Very much a fine set of sitting down jazz you really need to play in the car.”, December, 2009

Praise for debut CD, FunkHouse

“Explosive piano playing by John Funkhouser”
Erickson S. Blakney, Boston Globe, 1999

“The blooming virtuosity of this young trio is something to be admired. Keep an eye on this up and coming threesome; the future looks bright!”
Mike Metheny, Editor, Kansas City Jazz Ambassador Magazine, 1998

“A vibrant brand of modern jazz....John Funkhouser has compiled a unique and engaging jazz sound....His compositions reach deep into the space where emotions respond to sound. Bodies can not resist moving to the music this trio creates. Rhythmic piano melodies give way to percussive interactions between Funkhouser, drummer Blake Lindberg, and Matt Pavolka on acoustic bass. Tight coordination between the musicians and intriguing compositions allow chaotic frenzies to build in the pieces and then harmonious melodies return to the composed line. Improvisations reach into cacophonies, yet the listener can hear the arrangements are structured with orchestrated scores. The band’s first CD, FunkHouse takes the listener on a ride through the gamut of emotional territories.”
Elisa Cohen, North Denver Tribune, 1999

“...Exquisite, tight originals....FunkHouse demonstrates captivating beats, melodies, and progressions....Besides capturing traditional jazz enthusiasts, the group’s music will also grab fans of jazz-infused electronica, although there aren’t electronics in the band. The trio spans the depths and intricacies of several genres to engage listeners with their own hand-made music.”
Holly Rushakoff, The Octopus, Champaign, IL, 1999

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