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“Introducing the John Funkhouser trio... A formidable trio indeed as well as a dissector of the time signature with viable results... Questions regarding the above, I would relegate my readers to Tracks # 1 & 9, (Green Dolphin Street & Alone Together respectively.) John plus group have rallied to the cause... And the cause is gainful jazz for our instruction. John certainly creates a compelling, strange, and moving ethereal effect with his choice of his deceptive cadence time signature for several of his tunes resulting in positive and prophetic results. His harmonized improvisations present a distinctive feature to what we hear in that he presents a certain quiet yet persistent rhythmic counterpoint creating an artistry that can only be described as something that is deep in its contemplative atmosphere. John plus group reveal musical moments of great power... Yet, the music contained therein has both a wistful and nostalgic mood with an undercurrent of remarkable and positive continuity which dominates throughout.”

George W. Carroll,, December, 2009

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