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“Listening to Funkhouser’s renditions of classics like “Green Dolphin Street” or “Come Rain Or Come Shine” is like viewing Pablo Picasso’s 162 ton sculpture in Chicago’s Daley Plaza. On one side is a woman’s silhouette, while the other can be interpreted as a bird or maybe a chess piece. The trio likewise changes traditional pacing and rhythms, like hitting the “refresh” button.

When Funkhouser plays his own compositions, such as “Ellipse,” with multiple time signatures played by each player (and right and left hand), the math equation is solved with a built-in pinnacle of sound. Yes, it works more on a visceral than intellectual basis. While he’s got your ear, he turns a Bach fugue into a Latin jazz frenzy on “Fugue,” and “Eleventy One” is his take on funky percussive piano taken in 11/8 time. The music comes off sounding audacious, yet very natural. Quite the triumph.”

Mike Corroto,, December, 2009

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