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“The John Funkhouser Trio is relatively new on the contemporary jazz scene, and makes a lovely debut with their new CD release, Time. This fine collection features some of John Funkhouser's jazz compositions as well as some American classics from the American Standards Book. There are eleven songs on the CD. The jazz listeners will find each song is unique and creative in performance, and the trio is superb.

Among the many songs are "Green Dolphin Street," "Ellipse," a long and imaginative section named "Prelude & Fugue in A Minor," which contains two interconnecting parts, "Dyin' Nation," "Emanicpation," "Eleventy One," a memorable rendition of "Come Rain or Come Shine," "Alone Together," "Ode to a Lame Duck," and the intricate "Kelp." The performances sparkle with imagination!

If you are looking for something refreshingly different in a contemporary jazz trio, you are in for a definite treat and enjoyment with the John Funkhouser Trio. Each performer is top notch, and the solo work is admirable.

The John Funkhouser Trio brings imagination and charm to its performances. For those who like good jazz trio work, this one is excellent. This collection would make a nice addition to any jazz lover's library, and as a personal gift for a friend. Highly recommended for its original approaches!”

Lee Prosser,, December, 2009

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